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Jourdin Pauline is here to bless the world with her smooth and sultry voice, creating nothing short of vibes with each release. The Guyanese, trap-pop sensation prides herself in her heritage, as she proudly puts on for her roots and culture any chance she can. Pulling up to Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter sported long nails themed with her country’s flag painted on.

Having moved to Los Angeles at a young age, South Central and Hyde Park to be exact, a young Jourdin Pauline studied musical theatre and performing arts with aspirations of becoming the superstar she is now. Captivating audiences around the world with not only her music but her inner and outer beauty, Jourdin is your average down-to-earth girl next door who loves creating music down to the core.

Most recently, she released her highly-anticipated single titled “Lustful Desires,” following the success of her previous release “Nasty.” Both records can be found on her forthcoming project, Love Songs About Nobody, arriving Friday, May 21st.

Flaunt caught up with Jourdin to discuss her sound, her Guyanese background, writing and producing at the age of 10, biggest influences, new singles “Nasty” and “Lustful Desires,” why it’s important for her to give back, her forthcoming project, fashion sense, and more!

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